Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

2015 Long Range Capital Improvement Plan for Grand Traverse County
Grand Traverse County owns or jointly-owns a total of 2,761 acres of land. The County maintains and operates 16 primary facilities with 399,970 square feet of building space.

In 2008, the County adopted its 1st long range capital improvement plan to address facility needs for the future. Following the development of the Plan, the Capital Review Committee was created to oversee facility planning efforts. In 2015, an update of the Plan was prepared by the Capital Review Committee. The Plan creates a framework to build consensus for the future direction of County facilities and provides a basis for informed, strategic decisions of the facilities for the purpose of efficient operations and improved delivery of services to the community. The Plan was recommended for approval by the County Planning Commission on March 17. The Plan was adopted by the County Board of Commissioners on April 29, 2015.
Why We Prepare a Capital Improvement Plan
A Capital Improvement Plan:
  • Matches capital needs with limited resources
  • Focuses attention on community goals and needs
  • Optimizes use of taxpayer dollars
  • Maintains and enhances quality of life
  • Coordinates projects internally and externally
  • Provides orderly replacement of capital assets
  • Establishes basis for borrowing
  • Satisfies bond market requirements
  • Encourages efficient government administration
  • Avoids surprises!